When we started The A Group more than 12 years ago, we had no idea we were giving life to a new type of business: martech.

We created marketing strategies that needed to be supported by technology. We developed that technology in-house to ensure our marketing efforts worked. And we did this all with nonprofits, churches, and ministries in mind. It was a way of doing things that worked for us - and it is now becoming the way of the world.

Today, marketing demands technology, as consumers browse online, make purchases and donations on mobile devices, and expect to receive information in seconds, not minutes. As our clients have grown, so have our capabilities in both the marketing and in the technology arenas, and we continue to harness the power of both to achieve the greatest impact.

Since our founding in 2001, The A Group has grown to a leading partner for nonprofits, ministries, churches, schools and faith-based organizations making a difference worldwide. We are privileged to work with a variety of leading organizations, including publishers and authors, faith-based organizations & universities, and churches that range in denomination and style. No matter the type or size of organization, we love coming alongside you to help you expand your reach.

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