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Client Spotlight: Studio Recording Services

Here in Music City, we understand what goes into a full studio recording: renting space, paying musicians, hiring an engineer and hours and hours of mixing. It's quite a, well,... read more

Time to Go Mobile? Google Says So.

You’ve heard us say that being mobile friendly is important, right? But did you know that starting today, if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you might be left out of Google... read more

Email Marketing 101: Part 3: Rules of Engagement

Once you’ve built a great list of committed supporters and become a master at content and design, it’s time to engage with your audience! Remember that if someone has signed up for your... read more

Email Marketing 101: Part 2: If You Build It, They Will Come

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…. Eight seconds. The length of the average human attention span. It’s a wonder we make it through the countdown each New Year, let alone lengthy emails.... read more

Email Marketing 101: Part 1: En-“list” Your Supporters

We’ve come a long way since the “you’ve got mail” days, but 75 percent of people still say they prefer email as their go-to form of marketing communication. And while Baby Boomers... read more

Introducing SkyEncoder

We all love having great video and audio on our websites. But for the developers who have to make the videos work on your site, figuring out formats and encoding media can be complicated,... read more

“Dating” Your Donors: Acquisition vs. Cultivation

Whether you serve in a marketing capacity or as a development professional, chances are good you’re sharing a limited pool of financial resources in an effort to reach the same people. ... read more

Easter's Over; Now What?

New visitors always accompany the Easter season and knowing how to meet their needs while ushering in the sacred holiday can be tricky. As Easter draws to a close, what are you doing to... read more

Join Us For CLA 2015!

We had a great time in Dallas last year at the 2014 Christian Leadership Alliance conference, and we can’t wait to do it again this year! ... read more

The Power of Strategy

When I began as a marketing consultant years ago, I envisioned my “strategy sessions” being ruled by a strict timeline, asking questions that had clients digging to the depths of... read more

How to Build a Donor List

Every nonprofit organization wants one thing: more donors. But with all the noise competing for today’s cause-minded constituent, where do you find them? ... read more

How to Put Pinterest to Work for Your Nonprofit

One of the most compelling ways to connect with supporters (and potential supporters) is to share your story. How are you impacting others? How are you helping others? How are you giving... read more
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