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Easter's Over; Now What?

New visitors always accompany the Easter season and knowing how to meet their needs while ushering in the sacred holiday can be tricky. As Easter draws to a close, what are you doing to... read more

Join Us For CLA 2015!

We had a great time in Dallas last year at the 2014 Christian Leadership Alliance conference, and we can’t wait to do it again this year! ... read more

The Power of Strategy

When I began as a marketing consultant years ago, I envisioned my “strategy sessions” being ruled by a strict timeline, asking questions that had clients digging to the depths of... read more

How to Build a Donor List

Every nonprofit organization wants one thing: more donors. But with all the noise competing for today’s cause-minded constituent, where do you find them? ... read more

How to Put Pinterest to Work for Your Nonprofit

One of the most compelling ways to connect with supporters (and potential supporters) is to share your story. How are you impacting others? How are you helping others? How are you giving... read more

Mobilize Your Mission

Your mission is one of the most important aspects of your organization. But are all of your members, followers, or donors aware of your mission? Do they understand it, embrace it, and share... read more

Creative Communications in a Noisy World

The world is full of noise. Messages, ideas and mediums come from every direction and with every agenda known to man. But most of us simply want to be heard. If we are honest, we believe... read more

Reignite Your Easter Outreach

It’s officially the Easter season! Most people might see it as just a weekend, but if you’re a church leader, you know that it becomes a season. It is one of the few times each... read more

The Difference Quick and Easy Makes

Our culture of microwave ovens, Internet downloads, and drive through windows has produced a population that craves convenience. ... read more

Our Last Conversation?

What if you only had one last chance to speak to a donor?  What would you say if it was a major donor?  Would you tell them what an important impact they’ve had on lives of... read more

Dos and Don’ts for Growing Your Organization’s Email List

A strong email database is one of the greatest assets you have in your marketing toolbox. An audience that is engaged and eager to listen can be the thing that pushes your organization to... read more

Getting Started with Google Ads

Last week, we told you about Google Grants, an in-kind advertising program that offers qualifying nonprofits up to $10,000 a month to spend on Google ads. Pay-per-click ads through Google... read more
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