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Maximize Your Impact.

Our experts will spend an interactive day

with you and your team as we journey together through our signature “StratLab” to unearth your goals, understand your audiences, and uncover your opportunities all in hopes of helping you achieve the results that matter.

Organizations like yours want to know

How Can We Grow Larger?

How Can We Raise More Money?

How Can We Make a Bigger Impact?

What You Get From StratLab

  • Identification of your unique differentiators that set you apart as an organization
  • Recommendation of strategic opportunities to pursue
  • Analysis of potential threats to your organization’s impact
  • Our Audience Matrix exercise crafted to help dissect your organization’s audiences and understand how to best communicate to each of them
  • Three quick wins that your organization can implement tomorrow
  • Website and social media audit with expert recommendations
  • Suggested strategic next steps to take your organization to the next level
  • A comprehensive executive summary document of the entire day


"Our StratLab Day with The A Group came at the perfect time. Our church has been in transition and anticipation of a new ministry space. The time with the StratLab team helped us clarify who we are, what we do, what our opportunities are and how to best move forward with intentional strategy to maximize this move. Their process and solutions were insightful, custom-tailored, and relevant to the unique challenges of ministry. Our team benefited, our church benefited, and we enjoyed the process!"

Caleb Anderson – Mariners Church

"StratLab with The A Group could not have gone better. We covered an amazing amount of ground in a short amount of time, and we had fun doing it. Our team ended the day inspired and motivated to continue discussing the ideas born out of our time with TAG. Undoubtedly the concepts and fresh points of view they provided helped us to identify areas where growth is not only possible but also closer than we thought. We look forward to going to the next level as an organization and continuing a fun and fruitful relationship with TAG."

Josh Rice – La Fuente Ministries

Our team of four all felt very positive about the StratLab Session with The A Group. One commented that "while we’ve all previously been engaged in similar meetings that have left us feeling drained, this session resulted in all of us feeling energized and ready for the next step!" We felt The A Group was wholly committed to us, our ministry and the process.

Linda Varnado – FRIENDS Ministry, CCoH

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