“75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself.” – Gallup Poll


Have you ever worked for someone who was just plain difficult to work under? Maybe you’re in a situation like that right now. One of the most frustrating things is to find a cause or job that you love, only to be met with a boss that makes your life miserable.


That might sound a little dramatic but, the reality is, throughout your careers you will often find yourself working with or for someone who has some habits that are less than desirable. So what do you do in those situations? What do you do if you think YOU are a boss that has some unattractive leadership traits?


In this week’s episode of the Another Way podcast, we give you some tips on how to lead a boss who might be slowing your organization down (or who may be stunting your growth potential).


We decided to focus on four types of unfavorable leadership traits (although there are many others), and how to combat, construct and adjust for improvement:


  1. The Overbearing-Control-Freak Boss
  2. The Weak-Reactor Boss
  3. The Over-The-Top-Dreamer Boss
  4. The Small-Thinker Boss

And you know what, there are no perfect bosses—just like there are no perfect employees.


So, join us for this episode as we learn how to best navigate working with these type of bosses. And if you happen to be a leader, who at times can identify with one of these characteristics, you’ll want to listen in as we give you some practical steps to becoming the best version of yourself.


The bottom line is this: we believe in what you do. Those of you who work and lead inside of nonprofits and ministries are doing work that is literally changing the world. So let’s find ways to work collectively in a healthy, effective and impactful way. Click here to listen on iTunes or here to listen online.

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