As a nonprofit or ministry leader, we all know that you are highly dependent upon help from others to meet your goals and dreams. Sometimes it’s in the form of money from a donor, and other times it’s in the form of time and skillsets from a volunteer.



On the podcast, we interviewed an incredible man by the name of Jeffrey Davidson. He’s a team-building expert who has worked with countless organizations like Southwest, Walmart, American Airlines, and many more (no big deal). We had wondered, that since Jeffrey has so much wisdom about building staff teams, what would he tell us are crucial elements for building strong volunteer teams?


While there are some differences in staff and volunteer teams (mostly that one group gets paid and the other doesn’t), the teams' effectiveness boils down to the leader of those teams—and leading volunteers is often much trickier than leading a paid staff. Are you leading your volunteer teams in a way that helps them improve? Are they regularly encouraged? How about when there’s correction to be made? Do you correct someone who is willingly giving their time to you??


So many questions, and so many answers available to you in this conversation today. Listen in on our website or iTunes below.

P.S. For free downloadable resources from Jeffrey, click here. He doesn't hand these out to just anyone, ya know. ;)

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