Social media is a no-brainer for any person, business or nonprofit. And while every entity needs to take it seriously, it’s especially important for nonprofits and ministries to use it effectively.


It’s free. And it helps you tell your incredible story, which helps increase your following.

Recently, The A Group interviewed Jarrid Wilson on our podcast to talk to him about social media and the impact it’s made in his career. Jarrid has a large social media following, has been very active in the blogging sphere (viewed by tens-of-millions) and has been showcased on some of today’s hottest talk shows. Did we mention he started a nonprofit? So yea, we think he’s pretty awesome. And he has some tips to share that he learned along the way that helped him gain unparalleled traction on social media.

Here are three of his tips on how to make your social media presence awesome: 

1. Don’t follow trends

Certain “trends” are worth following when it comes to statistic effectivity. So sure, make sure you’re posting at peak times, utilize the newest features, etc. But when it comes to creativity, don’t follow trends quite so closely. It’s easy in the ministry world or nonprofit sector to see a church or big nonprofit do one that thing that works for them, and quickly try and emulate it. But it's not YOU.

So instead, let your social presence reflect who you are as an organization. You don’t believe you’re exactly the same as Nonprofit ABC or Church XYZ do you? So your social media presence shouldn’t be either. If you can find things that work for you that are a bit different and out of the box, you will get a lot of attention and ultimately start to grow your influence.

2. Be bold

Jarrid makes it clear that “bold” does not mean controversial. We aren’t trying to overtly offend people, here. But be bold enough to make your point, state your mission and be passionate about it.

If you are fighting for a cause of some kind, doesn’t it also mean that there is a need to be met or a message that needs amplifying? This requires you to be corageous in your pursuit. Be bold about your cause. And don’t always worry that you could lose potential donors or followers because of it.

You make no apologies about what it is that you stand for. So make sure that is infused in your socials in order to build that large, solid following of dedicated advocates.

3. Value consistency over perfection

So many attempt to make every single post perfect, with the hippest graphic paired with some amazing original content- but this stunts most organizations like crazy. It’s as if the pressure to have a uniquely creative feed ends up paralyzing some of the best brands. So be consistent, not perfect. 

It’s far more effective to post three times a day to Twitter (even if it’s with borrowed quotes and retweets) than it is to post every other day with a super cool graphic and a one-liner from the CEO. Be consistent with the frequency and don’t waiver.

Jarrid feels confident that over the years of building his social media influence, consistency is one of the largest factors that determined his success.

Teaser alert: What has Jarrid has done with Twitter since the day he got an account? You’ll have to listen to the full interview to find out!

Jarrid and Pete’s conversation journeyed on a few other social media rabbit trails that we think you will find interesting (and some pretty funny). Be sure to check out the podcast to hear the full interview.

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