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Just when we thought it couldn't get any better...



There's nothing like the reward...and work...of launching new initiatives. Two years ago Maurilio and I had the privilege of launching a literary agency. Our relationships with publishers, mega-church pastors, ministry leaders and authors made it a natural fit. Combine that with our marketing and technology expertise, and we were able to offer what few agents could - investment in the full publishing process, from pitch to retail.




Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, it did.




Earlier this year, I met Tami Heim. What started as casual introduction soon developed into dreaming about possibilities. The changing world of publishing offered an opportunity to do what we at The A Group do best - adapt, implement and fill the gap. From content delivery to social media strategy, today's ministry and author brands find a complex landscape with fragmented expertise. Combining Tami's 360 degree view of retail and publishing with our experience in book marketing and technology brought a comprehensive option to manage and grow brands.



Today we are officially announcing the launch of our Brand Development division at The A Group. Approaching content delivery from the perspective of long-term brand development, we can guide authors to the unique opportunities in today's publishing environment.



One look at Tami's resume and you'll note her extensive experience, from Chief Publishing Officer at Thomas Nelson to President of Borders Books. But even more impressive might be her heart. I recently explained it this way, "I can't tell you the last time I met someone who truly approaches every situation desiring a win for all involved." I'm blessed to call her mentor, friend, and now...officially...partner.



What opportunities have you found in an environment of change?


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