At The A Group, the only ones who care more about our clients’ goals than our team are the clients themselves. Put simply, their missions become ours. Every line of code we write, logo we design, and marketing plan we craft is done with their organization and their goal in mind.

Partnering with The A Group isn’t just about what we provide, though, but also how. Client experience is critical to us, so you’ll regularly find us sitting down as a team to evaluate agency processes. This commitment is core to who we are—we like to call it “Humble & Hungry.” Humble, because we don’t let egos get in the way. Hungry, because we believe there is always room to learn, grow, and improve. This means we’re willing to be honest with ourselves when change may be beneficial and always eager to see things get better. In turn, we find ways to better serve our clients in order to better contribute to their mission.

A New Series

Lucky for you, recent evaluation has led us right here, to the blog! Our blog has long been a resource for churches, ministries, nonprofits, and businesses looking to grow their impact. We’re coming out regularly with leadership advice, technology tips, and general marketing guidance (even podcast episodes!). Now, it will also be a place to get an idea of what it’s like to use our tools and work with our team. Every so often, we’ll be using this space to communicate with current clients as well as provide a behind-the-scenes look for those of you who have wondered what it’s like to partner with an agency like ours.

A New Tool

In light of the same assessment that brought us to this space, we’re also excited to announce a new way to communicate right from TAGTools 4 (ICYMI: that’s our totally tailored-to-you, user-friendly CMS).

TAG’s team of developers embodies Humble & Hungry: they don’t just spend their time custom building your web solution, but are also constantly looking for ways to improve the very platform it’s built upon. Today, they rolled out TAG Announcements, giving us at TAG an easy way to let our web clients know about new features, scheduled maintenance, and other important news.

These announcements will now appear at the top of the admin dashboard right when you log in. If it’s orange—good news, we’ve got a new feature or an exciting announcement for you! Red indicates important alerts, like a scheduled outage, and green means we’re just passing along some helpful info or a useful tip.

You can expand to read more, or “x” out if you’d prefer not to see it again. If you’d ever like to look back at prior notices, a log can always be found in the new TAG Announcements module in your Tools menu.

This feature is the first in a whole slew of updates coming out on TAGTools 4, so be watching this space (or your admin dashboard!) closely!

Questions on what else TAGTools 4 can do for you? Drop us a line.

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