Free Guide: Web3 for Nonprofits

Web3 can be a game changer for nonprofits.

The new version of the web is here, and there are some incredible opportunities for nonprofits to use these technologies. 

But before we tap the new opportunities, we should understand what these technologies do and how we can use them.

In this FREE guide, we identify and describe these emerging technologies in everyday, easy-to-understand terms, and why they’re so important to the success of your organization going forward.

Download to discover:

  • Understand Web3 and the biggest changes coming
  • What is a DAO and why you should care
  • How NFTs work and why you should use them
  • What are smart contracts, and how are they going to change everything
  • The things you need to be doing now to not just survive but GROW in these changing times

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Web3 Guide for Nonprofits