How is your nonprofit doing with its marketing efforts? Sadly, just being on Instagram and having a pretty website just doesn’t cut it anymore in this everchanging world of technology and endless possibilities.


As a nonprofit, you have limited resources (as you very well know). If you are not being highly strategic and thoughtful with your marketing dollars, you could be wasting it on things that just won’t move the needle.


What a lot of people think of as “marketing” efforts are not strategies – they’re actually tactics. Ads, direct mailers, billboard, social media, etc. – these are just tools. They’re essential tools, but they’re just tools. If they’re not part of a larger strategy, they might or might not actually work for you.


A good strategy should define who you want to reach and what message you want to reach them with. Then you can figure out the best tools to distribute that message and how to use those tools in a smart way.


So (back to the tactics), as your nonprofit continues to enhance and define its strategies, it’s important to keep an eye out for new marketing tactics that you may not be aware of in case any of these new tools align with your goals. Marketing tools that were new and shiny at the beginning of 2019 are now already old news as we near 2020 and all the potential it brings.


But beware: Do not just engage random new tactics just because it’s the “hot new thing” or because you see other organizations doing it. Make sure it makes sense for YOUR organization and its goals.


On Episode 57 of the Another Way Podcast, our CEO (Maurilio Amorim), discusses some new marketing ideas that are on the horizon for 2020. Listen in and see if any of these could align with your strategic goals and maybe they will make an appearance in your marketing strategies for next year.


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