What can you expect in 2018? Well, besides the Winter Olympics, we can’t predict too much. But we can tell you that we see some exciting new trends in web design that will begin to permeate new websites throughout the year. Technology can be tough to keep up with at times, but we do our homework when it comes to ways to ensure we’re on the “hip and cool but still functional and effective” train. Joe, our incredibly talented Senior Web Designer, will take great care of you.

Here are five web design trends you can expect to see more of this year:

1. Bold and expressive typography

Big and bold is not big and bad. In fact, it’s extremely clean in its design and equally as effective in its purpose. Don’t be afraid to use strong headlines and typefaces, but make sure they’re not having to compete too hard with your backdrop. Bold and clean is the name of the game.

2. Illustrations

Throughout the years, illustration has taken a back seat in the web design world, but it’s back in business. It can live on its own in a hero space or be combined with real photography to add a creative flair. The texture and originality that results can leave a lasting impression for your brand.

3. Vivid colors

Along with the bold typography, we’ll start seeing a lot of web designs utilizing eye-catching colors. The grayscale and monochromatic themes of the past can have their place, but don’t be afraid to let the bold blues, pinks and oranges take center stage.

4. Longer form content

“People don’t scroll.”

Research is beginning to show that the statement above is proving less and less true. In the past, designers had to work to reduce the experience to less vertical motion. Nowadays, it’s understood, expected and often an entertaining experience to scroll down a page. The caveat? The experience has to drive a user down the page in a meaningful and impactful way. Don’t be afraid of the scroll, but let’s make sure it has a strategic journey with each swipe of the mouse (or thumb).

5. Subtle animations

We love these. Subtle animations provide just enough pizazz and flair without being distracting. In fact, if done well, it can enhance the communication of headlines and even lead users down a page with its motion. Here’s a great example of a website we designed that has some animation in the headline and down the page–fun and effective at the same time.

We love seeing new trends rise to the surface throughout the years. However, it’s important to approach the “trending concepts” with both openness and discretion. Every trend does not work for all organizations and brands, so throwing vivid colors on your site that has muted brand colors likely isn’t going to be a wise move. At The A Group, you won’t have to worry if we’re taking those things into consideration. We got your back and your site will be legit. Is “legit” still trending? No? We’ll stick to web design, then.

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