The GAST Framework emerged from two decades of creating marketing plans for The A Group clients. We developed it to make marketing more accessible and applicable for the real world, and it’s empowered everyone from startups to global organizations and novices to professionals to implement marketing that works.

The beauty of the GAST framework is its flexibility and simplicity. It distills marketing down to its core, making it applicable for both simple and complex challenges and organizations. It can be used to promote content over a weekend or to orchestrate a national product launch.

Based on the four essential elements of marketing and our way of integrating them together in the right order, this approach helps you avoid wasting money on tactics that don’t work and start reaching your audience where they are, with a message they want to hear.

The Four Pillars of GAST

  • GoalsThese are the targets you want to reach with your marketing effort. Goals can vary widely, from increasing sales to building brand awareness, but they are the foundation of any plan.
  • AudiencesThis refers to the specific group or groups you want to reach. Understanding your audience is crucial for creating a message that resonates. What are their needs, desires, problems, and how does your product or service solve them?
  • StrategiesStrategies are the broad approaches you will use to achieve your goals. Think of them as the roadmap that guides you to your destination. They give you direction but not step-by-step instructions.
  • TacticsTactics are the specific actions you’ll take to carry out your strategies. If strategies are the roadmap, tactics are the turn-by-turn directions that tell you how to get to your destination.

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