Making a Difference Drives You Forward. Figuring Out How to Pay for It, Not So Much.

You chose to join a life-giving organization because you want your work to count!


But you need more resources and more people so you can do more.


If you live in that dilemma, you need to understand and use digital acquisition to grow your organization. 

Businesses and nonprofits are seeing amazing results using digital funnels to grow.

In this FREE guide, we identify and describe these amazing emerging tools in everyday, easy-to-understand terms and why they are so important to the success of your organization going forward.

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  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing funnel and its role in online acquisition.
  • Learn actionable strategies and best practices for optimizing each stage of the funnel to attract and convert more buyers, donors, and members.
  • Explore successful case studies that demonstrate the power of well-executed digital marketing funnels in various industries and niches.
  • Understand how a digital funnel works. 
  • Get 7 tips for launching or optimizing your digital funnel.

The A Group is a top marketing and technology agency that has focused on nonprofits, churches, and missional businesses for over two decades.

We create free resources based on what we are learning so that you can get the benefit of making a difference whether or not you can afford our services. 


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