I know you want to grow professionally and make a more significant impact in your job and the world, but you might lack the confidence, knowledge, or both to break through to the next level. However, The right coach can fast-track that process and make a big difference in your life.

I have been a part of a coaching group and have coached professionals for the past 20 years. Without hesitation, coaching is one of the most effective personal and professional accelerators you can get. It will help you avoid mistakes that will cost you money, time, and credibility. It can give you the confidence, knowledge, and support to jump 5, even ten years into your profession.

I have asked my coaching clients a simple question: What do you get out of being coached? While people are at different points in their careers, some are starting while others have 20 or more years of professional experience, their answers were surprisingly similar.

Really? Yes. You would think that different people at different stages in life and career would have different outcomes from being coached professionally. But the similarities were more significant than the differences.

Here are the top 3 benefits from coaching from my research:

Coaching helps you gain insights, strategies, and tactics not in your current toolbox.

This one is perhaps the most apparent benefit from a coach. After all, it would help if you had new skills and tools to get next-level performance. You get industry-specific best practices you can trust. Part of my coaching strategy is to help my clients with nonprofit best practices and help them avoid landmines that could derail their progress and threaten their future.

A good coach gives you confidence. 

Even if you have talent and knowledge but lack confidence, you will not go far. Planning a strategy or launching a new initiative can be intimidating. A coach is both a sounding board and weather vane who will ask you the right questions to guide you to success. 

“I find myself repeating some of the things I have learned in the coaching session to the leadership team. They think I’m brilliant.” That’s one of the best compliments I got recently. Preparing people to walk confidently in meetings and presentations is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. 

Earning the trust of your superiors, peers, and team is one of the most incredible confidence boosters anyone can get. 

My favorite golf coach, John Nichols, told me several times that I was his most improved player. During that time, I was trying to learn golf in my late 30’s, and I knew my swing was terrible. But his faith and encouragement gave me the confidence, and courage, to keep going. At one point, I was shooting in the 70s, a far cry from my days at 100+ strokes per game.  

A coach will hold you accountable but is there to help when you get stuck. 

Accountability is not a bad thing. I hired a coach to help me develop a new strategy for growing my business and creating new tools for the clients of The A Group. He didn’t do the work. I did. But he held me accountable to get the job done and guided me through the process when I got stuck or did not know what to do next.

A good coach is a guide. They have been where you want to go and knows the fastest and safest path you need to take. You still have to make the trip, but you are not making it alone.

When things get complicated, as they often do, and you can’t see the path out of the dark, having someone to walk alongside you and guide you into the light makes all the difference. 

If your work life is not where you want it to be, then finding a coach could be the best money you can spend, especially if it allows you to get unstuck and move faster towards the life you really want.



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