We are living in unprecedented times right now. Every organization started from scratch with “what to do next” when life as we knew it was halted. And while no organization will get it perfect, there are some big opportunities being missed by nonprofits that are impacting their ability to thrive (not just survive) this new era we all find ourselves in.


  1.  Nonprofits are not considering themselves to be “frontlines”

If your cause mattered before the pandemic, it matters now. The problem you were/are solving likely still exists, so it’s important that you don’t slow your efforts just because you don’t see your cause as relevant to those related to the pandemic. Everyone and everything seems to be impacted by this in one way or another, so your efforts are still very much needed.


  1. Christian nonprofits and churches not considering government financial aid

Often times we see Christian organizations are a bit more hesitant than other nonprofits to accept or look into federal grants and loans. Many fear that there would be strings attached that could impact their ministry or the unknowns are enough to keep them away. But if you are a nonprofit, there are options for you. Things like the CARES Act and Federal Disaster Loans with extreme favorable rates are there to help organizations of all types to get through this tough financial season with no strings attached when it comes to your ministry or belief set.


  1. Nonprofits not taking advantage of Google grants

If you’re a nonprofit and you haven’t looked into the Google grants that you could be awarded, you’re missing out on some free-to-you advertising dollars. You could get up to $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising from Google. It’s important to educate yourself on the qualifiers, and if your nonprofit meets certain criteria, fill out an application and get on your way to more ads.


See if you’re eligible here.


  1. Organizations cutting back on outreach and marketing

Don’t stop your communication and marketing efforts in this season. There is more ad inventory now than average (so your ad spends will be lower for the same output as before), and people are looking to hear messages of hope and relief. Be proud about your mission, put some resources toward your marketing efforts and ads, and you’ll create much-needed momentum for your nonprofit as we move into reopening and normalcy.


If your organizations needs help sorting through your options or you have questions about any next steps you should take with your marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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