As 2023 progresses, I contemplate the steps I want to take for personal growth and well-being. I firmly believe that investing in oneself could potentially yield the highest returns in life. Here are five personal investments that I plan to make before this year ends.

  • Investing in My Knowledge and Skills: I understand the importance of continuous learning in this rapidly changing world. Not only professionally, but I also want to nurture my interests and passions. Hence, I plan to expand my knowledge. I will take Thomas Keller's cooking master class to improve my cooking skills. While I coach people professionally, I am also investing in a coach. I need perspective I can't have by operating in a vacuum.
  • Investing in My Physical Health: I consider a healthy body the foundation of a contented life. I already work out daily, eat a balanced diet, and try to get adequate sleep. I just joined a Krav Maga gym. It helps with my overall fitness level, and the fighting skills I'm learning allow me to add "dangerous" to the "international man of mystery" description in my bio.
  • Investing in My Mental Health: In this era of constant hustle and connectivity, I believe it's critical to prioritize mental health. I plan to continue investing time and resources in therapy, prayer, meditation, and simply disconnecting from the digital world daily. I'm spending more time with my horses, in my garden and flower beds while unplugging from my phone and all the distractions of the digital world.
  • Investing in My Network: Building robust professional and personal relationships is a treasure. COVID helped streamline business meetings by forcing us to go virtual. I plan on being more analog. I am making plans to visit more clients face-to-face and engage with people in the real world. I am confident that studies will show that in-person connections are stronger and healthier for humans if they don't do it already.
  • Investing in My Future: I aim to ensure a secure financial future for myself. This means saving more and diversifying my investment portfolio. I plan to contribute more to my retirement account and real-estate investments and get deeper into cryptocurrencies and the world of digital assets.

These are the personal investments I am committing to making before 2023 ends. I know that investing time, energy, and resources in myself now will lay a robust foundation for a fulfilling future.

What about you? What investments are you going to make in yourself, both professionally as well as personally, so that you can continue to grow?

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