It’s that time of year! Turkeys, trees, presents, programs, gatherings and time to begin thinking of what next year will hold. 

For most leaders, organizations and teams, this time of year is busy and even overwhelming. But great leaders, organizations and teams know that this is the time to push hard to end the year with a bang; to maximize every moment, opportunity and person. This is also the time of year to look ahead and start planning great strategy for an even more effective and meaningful new year in 2016. 

So what are some simple tools and steps your organization can use to accomplish all of this? Here are five solutions that The A Group can offer to make sure your 2015 ends well and your 2016 begins with momentum.

  1. Social Media Campaigns. The A Group has a team of experts who can help you create, design, mobilize and activate a social media campaign that can raise awareness of your end-of-year initiatives, events and opportunities. We can help you engage a new and powerful audience of supporters! 
  2. Direct Mail. No, it’s not dead yet! During this time of year, you can prepare a simple mailer to introduce yourself, your events and more. Even better, you can use a great mailer to invite and engage people to actively connect with you in the new year. We can help design, plan and produce a great mailer custom designed just for you and your vision!
  3. Videos. Visual storytelling is one of the most effective and powerful tools on the planet for expressing your ideas, sharing your opportunities and celebrating your successes of the year. We can help you produce incredible videos and employ them to tell your story through blogs, social media and much more. 
  4. Text Giving. One of the best ways to engage generosity in people is to make it simple. Nothing is more simple that text giving. Our sister company, Textify Mobile, is a perfect solution. Take a few minutes to explore and find out how Textify can revolutionize the way you connect, engage and inspire. 
  5. Coaching. We have one of the most effective teams of strategists available to serve you. Our team has a depth of experience in non profit, for-profit and start-up organizations. From the smallest grassroots organization to organizations with more the 75,000 members, we have been honored to coach and serve them all. The best way to make 2016 great is to have a good plan, and a Strategy Day with The A Group is one of the most powerful ways to make that happen.

To find out more about how to utilize one or more of these resources from The A Group, simply click here and connect to one of our amazing team members. We look forward to watching as you close 2015 with passion and enter 2016 with hope and excitement

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