One of the most expensive mistakes you can make as a communicator, writer or marketer is to assume you know the “why” of your audience.


Let me explain.


Understanding your target audience is critical in order to communicate your point of view, offer or argument to those you serve. While most of us have a good sense of those we want to reach, we can often get blindsided by assumptions that might no longer be true.


The worst thing you can possibly do is guess wrong on what is important for your audience and why they would say “yes” to your offer.


If you get their needs and wants wrong, then your ads, content, and offer will all fall flat since you have failed to really understand what’s truly important to them.


Here are a seven questions you should answer next time you write an ad, persuasive copy or an offer:


1. What is the age range and gender of your target audience?

2. What do their families look like? For example, do they have children? Spouses, neither? How about pets? Do they have extended family or chosen family that are part of their core families? If so, what does that look like?

3. What are their favorite books or blogs to read? Podcasts?

4. Where do they spend time online? (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Email, Pinterest?)

5. What person, people, or community do they love to follow online and why?

6. What’s your audience’s biggest pain point or desire you can help solve with your offer?

7. How does your target audience wants to feel after they buy, experience or say yes to your offer?


Answer these questions and I guarantee that you’ll write more compelling copy, offers and content that will resonate with those you want to reach.


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