Someone asked me the other day, “Pete, what’s the most important leadership lesson you're learning these days?”

Lately, it seems like my learning curve when it comes to leading is pretty steep. I’m grateful for a wonderful team here at The A Group who are incredibly grace-filled and patient through those times.

I have to laugh sometimes, because I’m confident that I make more mistakes in an average week than most people do in a year. And because of this, I’m learning a ton every day. However, at the top of my list, I would say right now I’m wrestling with one thing in particular in regard to leadership: learning how to admit mistakes.

I think “admitting mistakes and taking responsibility” is a major value missing far too often in today’s leadership culture. Sometimes I get weary with my own excuses for why something happened.

The truth is, at times in my past, I have…

  • Made the wrong hire.
  • Had bad timing.
  • Thought I heard from God and clearly didn’t.
  • Talked when I should have been listening.
  • Jumped the gun when I should have been patient.
  • Wimped out when I should have moved forward.

I made a mistake. I screwed up. Maybe it was sin, lack of experience, wrong motives, or just plain stupidity. But it was a mistake nonetheless. I own it.

Do yourself and the people around you a favor today, and stop with all the excuses. Owning it and not excusing it is the key to building credibility with the people you lead.

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