As an organization on mission, why do you do what you do? What is your dream? What do you believe God can do? 

Here at The A Group, we believe in lives changed and nations reached. We believe in your heart, mission and passion that are reaching people in incredible ways. That's why we come alongside you to create solutions to help you tell your story, reach more people and grow your impact.

We do this because we believe – we believe in your work and what God can do when we all work together for His purpose. 

Check out our brand new video, "Because We Believe", and then visit us at to share the story of how God has worked in your organization. Our hope is that we can all be encouraged by the amazing things happening in organizations all around the world. As a thank you for sharing your story, you'll be entered to win a prize package from Textify, our mobile communications sister company. 

How has God worked in your organization? What has been possible because you believed?

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