By now, it’s not news that technology is changing the way we consume media. From streaming music to the Kindle, we have more resources at our fingertips than ever – leaving writers, musicians and other creatives trying to figure out how to make money off of their work. With more noise in the market, the cost of marketing going up and greater competition for media coverage, authors and publishers need a cost-effective and unique way to build their brands and audience.

Meet BookGrabbr. A brand new tech startup and app, BookGrabbr uses the power of social sharing to connect authors and readers, helping readers discover new books and authors gain visibility and build their brands. Here’s how it works:

  • Publishers and authors upload digital titles or previews to the BookGrabbr site.
  • Readers register for the app using their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account.
  • A reader can “Grabb” or download a title for free. When they do, BookGrabbr posts to their registered social account, letting their followers know about the title they downloaded.

Using social currency, BookGrabbr creates new avenues for authors and publishers to build their brands and develop relationships with readers, providing a cost-effective marketing tool that ultimately drives sales. Authors and publishers can access detailed analytics and have the ability to send push notifications to their fans, letting them continue to build a relationship long after the initial Grabb.

Early in the development process, BookGrabbr partnered with The A Group for a day of strategic consulting, in which we helped create the brand messaging and ideas for prelaunch marketing. From there, we worked together to develop a tactical marketing plan and created a variety of materials, such as ads, collateral, videos, booth graphics and presentation materials to prep the team for launch. You can view more of our work with BookGrabbr in our portfolio

BookGrabbr officially launched last month at the BookExpo America conference and already is seeing close to 150 new users a day. We know there is nothing but success ahead for this team and we’re grateful to have been a part of the process!

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