Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) is a leading authority on church music copyrights, providing simple music licensing solutions and clear educational resources for churches using music in their services and other events. While CCS makes it easy to purchase licenses that cover full catalogs from organizations such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, many churches are not aware of their need for copyright solutions, assuming they are covered by the production licensing purchased from CCLI. Those who are proactively seeking compliance solutions often turn to the web for answers and resources.

The A Group recognized that CCS had a prime window of opportunity to become the leader in church copyright compliance by helping churches understand their need for copyright coverage and how CCS can help them easily comply with the ever complicated music rights laws. We partnered with CCS to build a strategy focused on education -- demonstrating the need churches have for correct coverage and compliance, and how CCS helps them meet these requirements. To support this strategy of educating churches, TAG focused on content marketing -- creating fact sheets, white papers, shareable graphics, and ads featuring prominent church and worship leaders -- designed to help churches and leaders navigate the tricky waters of copyright law. With a strategic distribution plan utilizing digital resources, CCS's online platforms, and influencer outreach, CCS was able to use these content pieces as an avenue for reaching new audiences, building a reputation among key leaders and truly equipping the Church to carry out its mission.

Digital Growth Strategies