We've all heard the old adage about teaching a man to fish. Not only does Jobs for Life, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the issue of joblessness, seek to "feed a man for life", but they understand the dignity that work and self-sufficiency brings. They address the immediate impact of joblessness while loving individuals and giving them a sense of purpose and dignity.

Jobs for Life partners with local churches to facilitate classes and training that helps those in need find meaningful work. The global organization has developed a wide network of volunteers and training sites that are using JfL classes and materials to change the lives of 5,000 people every year. Eighty percent of Jobs for Life graduates go on to find meaningful employment.

The A Group partnered with Jobs for Life to increase their awareness and reach through both marketing and technology. We helped solidify their brand and messaging, communicating JfL as a valuable resource that helps churches engage individuals, community organizations, and businesses with biblically-based training and mentoring relationships to help those in need find dignity and purpose through meaningful work.  This new brand was reflected visually in a refreshed logo and refined color palate. From there, we developed marketing communications materials and a video that shared stories of people, churches and communities that have been positively impacted through the ministry.

We also partnered with JfL to create an updated web presence and critical ministry software tools, including an online community and a fundraising platform. In addition to redesigning and rebuilding a new website, TAG built an online community for JfL  site leaders and volunteers. Leaders can go online and register their location, whether a church, YMCA, community center, and then download course materials for use at the site. Through the platform, they can set up classes in the system and manage all of their students, their homework, their progress, and see the impact that you're making in the community. Leaders can also invite volunteers who will be helping out with classes to participate in forums within the community to discuss their classes, best practices, wins, etc. with others who are involved with JfL across the country and the world. Jobs for Life has access to advanced reporting so they can see the impact their sites are making on a site-by-site level and an aggregated, top level.

Through marketing and technology, The A Group helped empower Jobs for Life in their mission to empower those in need through education, employment and ultimately dignity. Check out JfL's new website and learn more about their work at http://www.jobsforlife.org.

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