Miles Adcox, the CEO of Onsite, a unique therapeutic center offering short-term intensive workshops and long-term trauma care, was offered the opportunity to co-host The Daily Helpline, a new daily talk show being premiered in select markets this summer. The new FOX show, which gives people the opportunity to get their questions answered and receive help, created a platform for Miles and his mission of lowering the stigma around asking for help. The launch of the show also created an opportunity to build more awareness of Onsite, and it was important that there be a place online to connect interested viewers to Onsite.

Though Miles was very successful as a business leader and helping professional, because of his humble attitude and dislike for self-promotion, Miles did not have a clear platform or online presence. The A Group came alongside him to help create a personal brand that would not only ease the transition from CEO to talk show host, but also serve as an extension of Miles's mission, creating a community where people can find help and resources.

In preparation for the launch of The Daily Helpline, The A Group helped create a personal brand and online platforms for Miles. After determining his key traits, values and messages/passions, we built a personal website that will serve as his online home and as a resource for people looking for help. On the site, users can find resources, content, and the opportunity to ask questions. We also branded his social media platforms and have come alongside his publicity team, assisting with calendars, content ideas, and management. These social platforms create another avenue for him to connect with and help others.

Through intentional branding, Miles is able to have a clear platform that accomplishes his mission of helping people and removing the stigma around asking for help. You can check out full episodes of The Daily Helpline on the show's YouTube channel.

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