Here in Music City, we understand what goes into a full studio recording: renting space, paying musicians, hiring an engineer and hours and hours of mixing. It's quite a, well, production. For songwriters, the cost and time commitment can be a barrier to getting their music heard. 

The A Group recently partnered with Studio Recording Services (SRS), a new company that allows songwriters to get state-of-the-art recordings, all via the power of the web. Using the SRS site and proprietary software platform,  a songwriter can submit a song – whether just lyrics or a rough demo – and have a completed recording delivered to them without ever setting foot in the studio. SRS partners with some of the industry's leading musicians to play on each song, and offers a variety of services from full-band production to arrangements. 

Here's how it works: a songwriter submits a song and chooses what type of production he or she would like. The songwriter can specify the feel, tempo and style, as well as what instrument he or she wants on a song. The song is then assigned to a producer, who can manage the production using the SRS software. The producer assigns the song to the requested musicians, who can log in to monitor progress and record their parts when the song is ready for them. Simultaneously, a mix engineer works to combine all parts and complete the project. While the song is being recorded, customers can log in and view the Production Progress Indicator, which allows musicians to mark when their parts are started and completed, so customers are always aware of how far along in the process their song is.

Harnessing the power of highly-talented musicians with home studios and digital platforms, SRS is able to create recordings at a fraction of the cost – making getting into the game easy, accessible and profitable for songwriters. It's our privilege to get to partner with innovative companies like SRS who are creating new avenues for talent and impact. Visit to learn more or to hear samples

Are you a songwriter or do you know someone who is? This week, SRS is offering an even more amazing deal on recordings as part of their launch special! Submit your song by Sunday, and you'll get full band production for only $299 or full band with vocals for only $349. With average full studio productions in Nashville ranging between $1,000-$5,000, you'll absolutely want to take SRS up on this incredible launch offer. So grab your guitar and a pen, and write that next hit – offer expires Sunday at midnight! Get started today. 

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