The Church at Brook Hills, a large church in Birmingham, Alabama, had a media-rich site that they strategically used not just as a brochure or digital home but as a ministry tool, providing content, resources, and encouragement online. However, though the site was actively being used, it was nearly five years old and not fully optimized for today's digital climate. After partnering together on the last website, The A Group and The Church at Brook Hills came together once again to build a new website for the church with a refreshed design and powerful features.

As Brook Hills stepped into a new season as a church, they took a fresh approach to their website, updating it to meet the needs of a new mobile audience. They adopted a mobile-first mentality, reducing the amount of copy on each page and organizing the site in a way that would be easy to navigate for mobile users. The new site also features beautiful graphics and bright colors to keep it modern and inviting, with dynamic elements and modules on nearly every page to keep it fresh.

From a functionality standpoint, the site is powerful, with a top-notch custom media module to host and organize The Church at Brook Hills' large library of sermons and multi-media content — including a separate media module in Spanish. A custom missionary portal allows missionaries supported by The Church at Brook Hills to create profiles and submit prayer requests, while other modules help to organize local and global missions efforts. The site also combines three previously standalone WordPress blogs into one TAG Tools blog with three channels, so that each contributor and category works together to create a consistent voice for the church.

Why was this site so much fun for us to build? It uses the best of what TAG Tools, our proprietary CMS, has to offer and gave us the opportunity to push our capabilities further, building new modules and features to meet The Church at Brook Hills' needs and innovative ideas. The Church at Brook Hills truly took advantage of the power of TAG Tools and made it their own, using the technology, versatility and capability of the platform to take full control of the site and use it to accomplish their mission.

The Church at Brook Hills site is a great example of how a church can use technology to not just serve their congregation but also to reach the world. Congratulations to The Church at Brook Hills on a fabulous new site!

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