Targeted ads with every Google search. Sponsored tweets. The billboards of Times Square. TVs at the gas pump. Corporate logos blanketing arenas.

There's no doubt we live in a society saturated with marketing messages, and ministries are no exception. With every disaster, humanitarian effort, missions trip, or local need, we are constantly presented with causes to support and opportunities to give. In this world of information overload and skeptical consumers, how do you cut through the clutter and reach your audience in ways they relate to and understand? 

While it might be an ambiguous term, content marketing -- creating original resources and providing them to potential supporters -- is one of the most effective and popular marketing tools in today’s cluttered world – and one your ministry or nonprofit should be using. Download our latest article, Content Marketing 101, to learn how you can strategically use content marketing to reach your audience and how to streamline your strategy to make it both effective and efficient for your growing organization. 


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