Could your ministry survive only online? As our society becomes increasingly tech-savvy, digital and mobile, it's important that ministries not only focus on traditional communication and fundraising efforts, but also consider how well-rounded their online presence is.

We've developed this practical excercise to help you structure your ministry's digital presence. Walk your team through the following scenario and map out your digital ministry.

Imagine that everything you currently use to run your ministry disappears – direct mail, speaking events, transportation, facilities and fundraisers. The only thing left is the internet, both to run your programs and raise funds.  Using the web, mobile technology, software, digital marketing and social media:

  • How do you adapt your ministry for a digital space?

  • How do you reach those in need?

  • What new programs must you create to effectively complete your mission?

  • How do you tell your story?

  • How do you engage supporters and raise funds?

Digital Growth Strategies