The world is full of noise. Messages, ideas and mediums come from every direction and with every agenda known to man. But most of us simply want to be heard. If we are honest, we believe that our message is the most important and must be heard. And, in reality, many of us do have a great message that needs to be told and should be heard. So how do we accomplish this?

I can sum it up in two words for you: Creative Communications.

Creativity, true creativity, makes a huge difference. Innovation in the ways we tell our stories, the mediums we use and the methods we employ always have to be flexible. We can take some of the oldest, most well known stories or ideas, and if we retell them in a new and creative manner, they will be heard.

Look at the world around you and the changes in how we access and search for information. Just a few decades ago if you wanted to find a business, you looked in the Yellow Pages. Today we use Google. The use of a creative and new medium has revolutionized how we get information and has even added a new verb to our language. Now we simply “Google it”!

Look at the way news is distributed. Over the centuries it has also evolved. Three hundred years ago people relied on a town crier to broadcast the latest news from the town square. Then, with the onset of easy printing, the newspaper replaced the town crier. In the 20th century, the advent of broadcast radio and television caused the distribution of news to evolve yet again. And, today, we simply need the Internet to get instant and constant news.

Creativity is harnessed through great design, great ideas and the utilization of great tools. In the world of communication, technology can be your greatest asset. Utilizing the latest technology, designs and ideas can increase the consumption of your message greatly.

If you’re like me, sometimes it is hard to have clear perspective on your own message, manner of communication and medium of delivery. I find myself seeking counsel and input from wise and experienced sources. This ensures that my message continues to be heard. As a writer, communicator and leader I have found wise counsel to be one of my most valuable investments.

I would encourage you to seek wisdom, strategy and counsel from a great person, team, or agency. At The A Group we specialize in helping you creatively share your message. Through the use of great tools, design and technology we help your message rise above the noise.

You may have the greatest message in the world, but if you cannot tell it well, no one will listen. Let us help you be heard.

Michael Robison is The A Group’s business developer, focused on helping connect organizations with solutions. A former lead pastor and founder of a nonprofit, Michael truly understands the culture and needs of faith- and missions-based organizations and loves working together to help them reach more people.

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