Some predict Giving Tuesday will surpass 3.2 billion in nonprofit giving this year.

Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday following Black Friday in the U.S., but unlike Black Friday, it focuses on generosity instead of consumerism. It has been growing strong since its inception 10 years ago.

I believe Giving Tuesday is a good way to find new donors and engage people who are familiar with your organization but who have not donated yet.

For those on your list who have given in the past, the end-of-the-year appeal is a much stronger and more successful fundraising in my experience.

Social media is particularly effective for a Giving Tuesday campaign. 

It’s not too late to tap into the Giving Tuesday opportunity. Here are a few dynamics to keep in mind:

  • These are first-time, impulse donors, so make your ask is small and manageable.
  • Tie a community or specific project to your Giving Tuesday ask. This is not the time to raise funds for overhead or debt retirement.
  • Make it simple to give by streamlining your donation form. And make sure it’s mobile-friendly. You will lose donors if the first thing people see is a “create an account” screen.
  • Avoid using Meta’s Giving Tuesday option. Meta is only matching the first 7 million in giving. Chances are you won’t see any of that money, and you won’t get your donations way into 2023.

We put together a FREE Giving Tuesday Toolbox full of social posts ideas and graphics you can use in this year’s campaign.

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