Have you taken “THEGODTEST”?

THEGODTEST is an evangelism tool designed to begin dialogue on the critical issues of faith, skepticism, and the meaning of life. Taking a positive approach to evangelism, THEGODTEST focuses on asking questions, listening to others and tapping into people’s desires to discuss spiritual matters.

Rice Broocks, author of God’s Not Dead, leader of Bethel World Outreach and co-founder of Every Nation – a global network of campus ministries and churches – created THEGODTEST to equip young Christians to know, defend and share the Gospel. With more than 30 years experience in youth and campus ministry, Broocks understood the challenge many students face in clearly understanding what the Gospel is and finding tools to help them share their faith.

To meet this need, he designed this new, innovative tool focused on asking questions, listening and providing answers based on someone’s responses. It takes a relational approach that allows Christians to ask powerful questions and walk their friends and loved ones through real, honest spiritual conversations. Available exclusively in an app format, THEGODTEST is easily accessible from any smartphone.

The A Group partnered with Rice Broocks and THEGODTEST to design and develop an app that is beautiful, engaging and practical. Within the app, anyone can access training on how to use the tool or open up the test and walk through it with a friend. The test presents a new question on each screen, determining the path a test-taker will follow with questions based on answers to previous questions. Making THEGODTEST available in a mobile format allows anyone to access it wherever they are, in a format that others relate to and connect with.

Download THEGODTEST app today and learn how you can start asking effective questions and having meaningful spiritual conversations with those around you. Available for iPhone and Android.

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