Generation Z. What in the world is this, you ask? We think it’s important that you know.

With all of the talk nowadays surrounding Millennials, many of us have forgotten to welcome the next generation behind them into our marketing initiatives. Introducing, Generation Z: youngsters born into the digital age between about 1996 and 2010. They were essentially born with a Facebook account, and make up an estimated 27 percent of the world's population. 27 percent. Did we get your attention?

So, why do these people matter beyond their volume? Aren’t they too young? Do they even have any purchasing power?

No- they are not too young. And yes- they have purchasing power.

Kids, teens and 20-somethings in Gen Z are more primed than any other generation to find a cause that they relate to and give. Just think about it. They’ve been exposed to various social good causes, awareness campaigns and crowd-funding opportunities since they were old enough to unlock an iPhone and peruse Facebook- where many of the older generations are still learning to accept and trust all they see on social media.

This is where you, as a player in the nonprofit world, come into play- but don’t forget to speak to them in a way that will actually get their attention. As a nonprofit- you get the incredible opportunity to raise awareness about your cause and do so to people who actually want to hear from you.

Here are a few best practices for communicating and engaging with Gen Z through social channels:

  • Tap into their entrepreneurial spirit

  • Collaborate with them and help them collaborate with others

  • Don’t talk down, treat them as adults

  • Help Gen Z make or collect stuff

  • Talk in images: emojis, symbols, pictures, videos

  • Communicate more frequently in shorter bursts of “snackable content”

  • Tell your story across multiple outlets

  • Optimize your search results (they do their Internet research)

(Source: Nonprofit Hub)

Gen Z may not be looped in with your highest givers initially, simply due to stage of life. But if you gain their attention now and get their wallets engaged- they are sure to be loyal followers, valuable social media influencers and advocates of your cause.


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