Last week I sent the most successful email I have ever written. And I have written a whole lot of emails. 


I sent it to a list of 772 people. The response was short of unbelievable for emails to a list that is not very active. 


76.3% open rate (Average is between 15-25%)

19.2% Click through (average for this client was 5%)


And so far that single email has raised over $8,000 in less than a week. 


33% of recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. We know this because we (as consumers) are inundated with bad emails every day, and we know junk mail when we see it. 


For this email, I used a straightforward yet curious tline: Help Lisa Rebuild Her Life. 


The subject line begs the question: Who is Lisa, and why does she need to rebuild her life? 


Lisa's house burned down only a few days after she moved into it. While Lisa and her husband have insurance, there are a lot of questions that remain. So the title created curiosity and a sense of urgency. 


The email opened with a quick overview of the reason why Rachel had to rebuild her life. Here's the email in its entirety:  


"When people heard that Lisa's first home burned down only a few days after she moved in, they asked how they could help. 


So we are giving everyone an opportunity to help Lisa and her husband, Jeff.


Lisa is expecting her first baby in December. Thankfully she and her husband, Jeff, were not at home when the fire started.


Unfortunately, the house is a total loss, and there are still a lot of questions about how much the insurance company will cover.


It's hard to navigate pregnancy and work, but I cannot imagine having to do that while losing everything you own, including your home.


If you would like to contribute to Lisa's Gofundme project, please click below."


This email had several elements that contributed to its success: 

  1. A curious and compelling subject line

  2. A strong human connection: something that could happen to all of us. 

  3. A compelling reason to donate: the uncertainty of insurance coverage and the need for security. 

  4. A sense of urgency. 

  5. Every mother can relate to the importance and urgency of having a home ready for her baby's arrival. 

  6. A simple call to action: click below and give. 

Hope you implement these tactics in your next appeal email. 

Let me know how you do! 

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