Is Instagram the LinkedIn for young professionals?

You know we’ve talked a lot before about how important it is to intentionally create culture for your nonprofit or ministry. It’s not only important for your current employees and teams, but it has been proven to be an important measurement for your future employees and job seekers.

Companies spend a lot of money trying to scout and interview the best people possible for open positions. But the reality is, those top candidates are actually interviewing you long before you interview them.

Sure, they will take a gander at your website and potentially look up employee reviews through job-search platforms. But beyond the application itself, what are they ultimately looking for in their search? A culture they want to be a part of. Where are they looking? Most likely your social media. And more specifically: Instagram.

According to a recent survey by Jobvite, Instagram is playing an increasingly large role for young workers hoping to preview the culture of the companies they're applying to work for, even eclipsing LinkedIn as the social network where prospects age 18-29 preview companies they're interest in.

Image Source: Marketing Profs

So, moral of the story? Don’t skimp out on showing your great people and culture on your Instagram. It just may lead to your next big hire.

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