If you are a leader of a nonprofit or ministry, your personal brand matters. Some of you may not even realize that you have a personal brand, but if you are connected in any way to the organization you started and operate, you do. Now it’s time to be intentional with it and cultivate your personal brand in a way that will grow your organization.


People connect with people. Your personal brand should infuse your personality, your personal passion, and the purpose of the organization that you lead.


If you have never established your personal brand, now is the time. Amidst a pandemic such as this, people are looking to your brand to humanize itself and relate in a way that it likely hasn’t before. So, where do you start?


Pete Wilson interviewed Laura Bull, author and personal brand expert, on our podcast. She worked at Sony Music Entertainment for 10 years and helped develop and market personal brands such as Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Johnny Cash (quite the resumé, huh?). She used her years of experience to now help organizational leaders understand the power of their own personal brand.


We talked to her all about how nonprofit and ministry leaders can benefit from a strong personal brand, along with some great advice as you work to sharpen one.


Here are some of our favorite interview points (to hear the entire interview full of great tips, click here):


  • Identify your core personal brand pillars. Identify 3-5 things that make you stand out in a unique way (and yes, you have unique differentiators that make you different from your competitors).
  • Become an influencer (which means you are inspiring change and leading charge both online and offline). Not all influencers are celebrities and not all celebrities are influencers. Just being you and inspiring change of some kind means you are influencing.
  • Utilize social media extensively if it makes sense for your brand. Identify which platforms make the most sense and use that as a casual method of communication to your followers and donors to continue to humanize yourself and your brand.
  • Be authentic. Don’t try and reproduce a personal brand that someone else has. Be you and be passionate about the cause you’re supporting and leading.

If you’re interested in learning more about building your personal brand to support the growth and energy of your nonprofit or ministry, check out Laura’s book, From Individual to Empire. It’s full of incredible advice and exercises to walk you through creating your personal brand.

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