We all know generosity and stewardship are essential for our faith-based communities and nonprofit organizations. Successful fundraising is not just about how to ask for money but, most importantly, creating a culture of generosity throughout the organization.

So, let's dive into some simple, practical strategies to create a culture of generosity and inspire stewardship in your organization.

1. Talk about generosity and stewardship.

Let's get the conversation going! Share heartwarming stories of how people's support has made a real difference in your organization's mission. For example, talk about how donations helped provide meals to the homeless or how volunteers transformed a run-down playground.

2 . Show them how it's done.

As a leader, be open about your own generosity journey. Share how you've made giving a priority in your life, like setting up a recurring donation or volunteering every weekend. This will inspire others to join you in giving.

The amount is insignificant here; what's important is that you are doing what you ask of others.

I made very little money in my first job working for a nonprofit. It was even below the poverty line! I made sure the volunteers knew I was contributing to our nonprofit, regardless of how little I was making.

3. Get everyone involved.

Offer fun and meaningful ways for folks to get involved. Host a volunteer day, organize a charity walk, or set up a mentorship program.

Micro commitments lead to macro gifts! The person who will contribute significantly will often start with a small donation or volunteer at a menial task.

I remember meeting Jimmy one Sunday morning. He was helping to set up chairs in the middle school gym where we met. He donated 1 million dollars to our new building project a few years later.

Make sure everyone feels valued and excited to contribute their skills to your organization's cause.

4. Celebrate every act of kindness.

Throw some virtual confetti for people's generosity! Send thank-you notes, give shout-outs during events, or spotlight donors and volunteers on social media. You'll inspire others to jump on the generosity bandwagon by showing appreciation.

5. Share the financial know-how.

Educate your community about the perks of giving, like tax breaks and planned giving options. Host workshops and webinars, or provide resources on your website to help people make informed decisions about their financial support.

I was raising money for a new building once, and I mentioned that some people might not have cash gifts but might have stocks, bonds, or real estate. That prompted someone to donate a lake-front property worth more than $100,000.00. The lady said, "I had completely forgotten about that land until you mentioned real estate. I've had it for over 30 years and want to give it to this project."

6. Be open about your goals and progress.

Let people know what you're working towards and how their generosity can make a difference. Share updates on your organization's progress, like announcing that you've reached 75% of your fundraising goal or how many families have been helped. Transparency builds trust and shared responsibility.

7. Spread the love in all aspects of life.

Remind everyone that generosity isn't just about money. Encourage acts of kindness, compassion, and support in daily life. Share stories of community members helping each other or create a "kindness challenge" to encourage people to spread love beyond your organization.

With some effort, communication, and heart, you can create a culture of generosity that inspires your community to commit deeply to your organization's mission and values. Keep celebrating acts of giving and supporting each other's growth in generosity and stewardship. We're all in this together!

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