According to some projections, by 2017 video will account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. Living in the Information Age, many people choose to fulfill their information and entertainment needs through the easiest medium available right now: video. So the question then becomes “How do I meet my audience where they are and deliver great video content?”

You might say to yourself “I’m not a filmmaker.” And that’s fine. There are a few ways to create engaging content that brings value to the viewer, promotes awareness of your brand and drives people to you website (while keeping them there longer). Here’s how.

1) Work with What You’ve Got

This one is simple. Gear doesn’t matter. Does it help? Yes. Is it awesome? Yes. Do I find myself pouring over forums and reading/watching gear reviews for hours on end? Yes. But does it matter? No.

It’s all about keeping your audience engaged, revealing something new to them, and telling a story – and you don’t need the biggest and newest equipment to make that happen. Even pros like YouTuber and filmmaker Casey Neistat advocate for what can be done with basic point and shoots or starter SLRs (check out his great breakdown of the best starter cameras).

2) Tell a Story

This is the heart and soul of your video. What’s the motive or the message of your video, and how can you communicate this in an effective and engaging way? Pinpoint some characteristics of your brand’s identity and brainstorm creative ways to get that across in your video. It could be through humor, pulling on heartstrings or even through an encouraging message.

Whatever type of video you create, this is the starting point. You have to know why you’re doing it, before you start.

3) Use Different Types of Video To Your Advantage

When it comes to video content marketing, you don’t just have to create beautiful productions or long features. There are many different types of video content that can keep your audience engaged and allow you to produce and release well-rounded material. Taking advantage of different video types also allows you to create shorter, lower cost videos more often, harnessing all that video has to offer.

Here are a few video types you might not have considered:

Behind the Scenes Videos

People love to see the process behind the way things are done in your business. Not only is this engaging for your audience, but it also gives them an insider’s perspective of the day to day of your brand and who you are.

These videos drive traffic to your website, engage potential clients, and create a sense of trust around your brand.

Behind the Scenes videos should be strategically released after a large project, video or event that your brand has promoted, to capitalize on something that your audience has already engaged with or seen.

How-To Videos

Selling by teaching is one of the most effective ways to build awareness of your brand. Not only that, but as you begin to share your knowledge and information with your audience, you establish yourself as an authority.

There are several people who have built an entire business based on How To or tutorial videos. For example, CharlisCraftyKitchen is a YouTube cooking/baking blog created by Charli, a 9-year-old girl from Australia and her 6-year-old sister Ashlee. With the combination of absolute adorableness and cute treat making ideas, the CharlisCraftyKitchen YouTube channel has over 508 MILLION views.

Video Blogs

Video Blogs come in all shapes and sizes. They are extremely personal, and your audience gets to see the human side of you and your brand. In such a visually saturated market, it’s a great way to “show” your audience, rather than just “tell” them.

Through video blogging, you’re giving your audience consistent content that they can depend on and look forward to. It can be a personal blog about your life and family, new video games, music reviews or anything else.

Gary Vaynerchuck started Wine Library TV nine years ago as a way to increase traffic and build brand awareness for his family’s wine business. He grew their company from a $3M to $60M business in just five years. He now owns one of the largest digital agencies in the world and has a new YouTube blog called “The #AskGaryVee Show,” where his audience tweets in questions about business, marketing and social media, and Gary answers them on the show.

The bottom line? Ultimately it comes down to consistently generating great videos for your audience. Production value is secondary to excellent content. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if you really want to see success, stay in it for the long haul. Grow your skills, your content and your frequency, and watch your audience grow with you.

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