While it can be easy to focus on all of the overwhelming and daunting results of the Covid-19 pandemic and its stressful impact on your organization, we thought we’d take some time today to shed some light on the opportunities that this unique time can offer.


Let’s do what we can to thrive amidst adversity. Not all hope is lost.


Keep communicating to your donors and followers. Even if your current capacity to chase your mission has decreased (or maybe you feel it’s irrelevant at a time like this), it’s still important to communicate. People want to know that you are still alive and that you’re still pursuing your mission. And while they may be less able to donate and give right now, it’s ok to make them aware of your needs as an organization.


Care for your community. Whether your organization serves in a local capacity or not, you have a great opportunity over the next weeks to serve those around you (in the name of your organization). Over and over again we’re seeing large organizations stepping up in big ways, outside of their usual business offerings, to help provide relief (i.e. GM making facemasks instead of cars). Maybe for your organization you prefer to deliver groceries, or volunteer to help provide meals to kids out of school – whatever it is, just be present. After this is all done with, people will remember your organization’s selflessness and possibly come to learn more about what you do.


Utilize easy-to-access communication methods for donation or messages. Things seem to change on an hour-by-hour basis amidst this pandemic. Needs change. Regulations change. Your life changes. You need to make sure your toolbox is equipped with communication that people will see and see in a timely manner. Utilize a text solution, like Textify Mobile, to communicate to your donors or to collect donations with a simple reply to a text.


We’d like to challenge you to think of three things that you can do/shift/change for the better this week. It can be as small as deciding to send out an email to your donors telling them you’re thinking of them during this tough time. But choose three things to start shining the hope back into your day-to-day amidst so much uncertainty.


We believe in you.

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