For all you content nerds, welcome to your kingdom. 

Twitter is the one space where anyone can share endless articles and stories without fear of overdoing it or annoying followers. Got random tips and advice brewing inside your brain? Spill! Twitter is your dumpster. So start dumping. 

But: the first key to chirping brilliant tweets is to make sure that your content is relevant and compelling. Yes, we all love a humorous article from The Onion every now and then, but if you share them ten times a day, your followers will sniff you out and possibly un-follow. 

Share What You Love 

Twitter is your space to begin positioning yourself as a thought leader, so share content that provides tips, insights, or new information for your followers as relating to your industry. If you think of yourself as a music guru, share content about artists, album drops, critiques, and band updates. Share your personal musical journey and point people to your site and other social media platforms. The same goes regardless of whether you’re setting up strategy for your personal brand or your organization’s brand.

And Show Some Love!

Regardless of what industry you’re in, you should only spend about 20% of your tweets promoting yourself or you business. The other 80% should be spent providing content, sharing other people’s work, and building camaraderie with other leaders in your field. 

On that note, make sure that you follow and engage with others. Identify key industry thought leaders and brands and follow your customers and your competition. Interact with each audience appropriately and think about how you can create content that engages each one. 

True social media success comes from showing that you care enough to engage with your audience and with people who don’t follow you yet. Never ignore anyone who tweets at you; always favorite, respond, or Retweet them to show appreciation.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Twitter also recently stepped up their game and added in-depth analytics. So now you can see exactly who is interacting with your content and identify audience patterns. If you see your audience focusing on certain tweets but ignoring others, adjust your content to provide more tweets that align with your audience needs. You can even see what time of the day your specific audience is most present on Twitter. Make sure you provide your most compelling content, promotional posts and exciting announcements at that time. 

The great thing about Twitter is that the turn over rate is tremendously fast. So if you run several tweets that do poorly, no one will even remember in a couple of days, maybe even a couple of hours. You can try anything on Twitter and continually readjust without worrying about completely alienating your audience.

Tweet. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat. 

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