How much time do you spend in creating great content for your posts, emails, or website to only haphazardly throw together a headline?


That’s backward. I know because I am guilty of doing that often.


 We want people to open our emails, read our social media posts, and engage with our website. And, most often, the headline is the one deciding factor on whether or someone will choose to read on.


You are reading this email because the subject line was compelling enough to bother opening it.


You don’t have to be a copywriting genius to create killer headlines that will pull people into the rest of your copy.


These four frameworks are proven to work, and you can use them with all kinds of subject matters and offers:


1. How To [BENEFIT], Without [PAIN], Even If [OBJECTION]


This is perhaps the most compelling of all headline frameworks. It’s a bit long for an email subject line, but it can be worth it.   


Here’s an example:

How to write headlines that convert without spending hours trying even if you are not a writer.


2. [X] Steps To [BENEFIT]


This one is simple but still very effective:  

4 Frameworks to Headlines that Convert.


3. How To [BENEFIT] Using [X]


Everyone loves a “how to” headline. I chose this for the subject of this post. 


How to Write Headlines that Convert Using 4 Simple Frameworks. 


4. The Ultimate Guide to [Thing They Want]


The words “Ultimate” and “Guide” together are powerful. This is a great headline framework for lead magnets. 


The Ultimate Guide to Headlines that Convert. 


Have fun and create some great headlines for your next content piece! 

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