Understanding your customer journey and planning it well can be the difference between growing your organization and doing a lot of work for very little results.


It happens all the time. You work hard to get people in the door, sign up for your list, and even to attend events, and that’s the end of their engagement with your organization.


Creating and deploying a customer journey for your organization will guarantee that you not only acquire new people, buyers or donors, but that you will help them to get fully integrated in active in your business, mission or church.


Follow these four steps and your conversion rates will be much higher.



The first step in any marketing campaign is discovery. Discovery-focused tactics create opportunities for new audiences to find your organization. While some discovery tactics are passive (requiring the audience to seek you out) others are active, with the organization actively seeking new audiences and sending them marketing messages. Examples of passive discovery tactics include social media and SEO; examples of active discovery tactics include public relations, advertising and events.


Lead Generation

Discovery tactics like advertising are very effective for discovery and for building brand awareness. However, advertising and brand awareness by themselves leave no way for the organization to identify and follow up with prospect.


For this reason, it is critical to think about what happens after someone clicks on an ad. Lead generation, or capturing contact information for an audience member, is the most critical step of a marketing campaign. With lead information, you can continue to market to prospective leaders directly, with no additional ad spend. Without lead generation, you cannot cultivate an audience.


Onboarding and Cultivation

Onboarding and cultivation go hand in hand; in fact, onboarding is just the first step in the cultivation process. Onboarding refers to the initial follow up a new lead receives, making sure he or she is introduced to the organization. This is often done through an automated email series. Cultivation is the ongoing process of communicating with the lead and moving him or her into a deeper relationship with the organization.


If you need help identifying your customer journey and identifying what steps need to take place in order to move your followers/donors/members/customers through each step, we can help. Contact us today if you'd like to talk about ways taht we can partner together to help increase your conversions and your impact.

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