We all love having great video and audio on our websites. But for the developers who have to make the videos work on your site, figuring out formats and encoding media can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce SkyEncoder, a new sister company of The A Group and an innovative media encoding platform, designed to save developers time and save you money.

As developers ourselves, we understand the challenge media encoding presents. Working with ministries, churches and nonprofits means a lot of important, world-changing content being uploaded, which can get expensive for us and for our clients. After searching for solutions, only to find services that were pricy and difficult to work with, we decided: why not build our own.

And with that, SkyEncoder was born: an easy and affordable on-demand video encoding solution built for developers, by developers. A brainchild of TAG’s development team and inspired by our own work with organizations like yours, SkyEncoder offers low, simple pricing, cloud-based hosting and the ability to upload all major video and audio formats. Media encoding couldn’t be easier!

Whether you’re a media manager, marketing guru or developer yourself, Sky was built with you in mind. Check out this brand new solution at www.skyencoder.com, share it with someone you know and get 30 minutes free to try it out!

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