Do you need help managing your volunteers?  Whether you’re a business or a school with a major philanthropic arm, a church that functions through generous volunteer help or an organization with an emphasis on supporting the community, managing all of those people can be a full-time job all by itself.

So if you’re tired of all the sign up sheets, excel documents and endless emails it takes just to organize one volunteer event, worry no more. Enter, the TAG Volunteer Platform.

This platform is a giant organizational machine that takes all of the hours of coordination out of the volunteer equation.

Here’s how it works:

Everyone—users and administrators included—logs into the same platform, accessible anywhere at any time on both desktop and mobile. Each person has his/her own profile usually set up with employee IDs, the set up of which managers can easily complete with a simple file import.

After department managers create events for their team, members can log in and sign up for the events they want to be part of. After an event is completed, they can log back in and submit hours against each of their respective events. Your team members can even add notes, stories and photos from the events, giving you easy access to relevant information when distributing updates about your organization's volunteering on your website and social media channels.

Team members can also create their own events if they volunteer for ones not created or run by your company or organization. Right from the admin of the platform, managers can see the total number of hours logged for a given event as well as the total number of hours logged by a given team member. Exporting this data is simple for use in analyzing your volunteer stats. With such streamlined access to reporting, managers can quickly and easily promote the volunteer time of your organization!

The TAG Volunteer Platform gives you peace of mind, collects and keeps all your volunteer data in one place, saves you time, and streamlines the entire volunteer experience from beginning to end.

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