Are you on the quest to scale your business or nonprofit? Let me introduce you to your ultimate ally - Digital Acquisition Campaigns. As a unique online strategy, these campaigns focus on discovering and engaging new individuals who could potentially become invaluable parts of your organization's community-- a revolutionary approach to audience growth and engagement.

I have been rethinking and retooling how my company, The A Group, helps our clients succeed. After seeing excellent results in the past couple of years, our team is all in on the digital acquisition campaigns.

Digital acquisition is not merely an online strategy; it's a sophisticated system to discover and integrate new individuals into the fabric of your organization. Whether it's customers for your product, donors for your nonprofit, new members for your congregation, volunteers for your cause, or any form of service or experience - digital acquisition is the most effective tool today.

At its core, it leverages the compelling nature of digital ads to draw individuals towards a range of outcomes - guiding them to a shopping cart, an informative landing page, or a simple sign-up form. But, what truly sets it apart is its overarching aim - to foster enduring relationships with people, transcending beyond a mere one-off transaction.

Now, you may ask, why not just enhance my social media following? That is a fair question indeed. However, it is important to realize that your social media audience isn't truly yours. In reality, they're owned by the platforms, and engaging them often comes with a constant 'pay-to-play' cost, even for those who actively follow you.

I've witnessed the distressing experiences of clients who've seen their entire social media following disappear overnight, with losses exceeding 200k followers and no reasonable explanation.

I also have seen accounts being deactivated for supposed violations of community guidelines, again without any explicit justification or a way to resolve the issue.

This is where the strength of a digital acquisition campaign shines. It employs social media to identify potential audience members, but once they join your organization's database, they become your audience. You own this relationship - not Meta, Google, or Twitter. Even if social media platforms falter, your audience stays with you.

Worried about costs? It's a concern we all share, but here's the good news - digital acquisition campaigns are effective and surprisingly affordable. We've seen clients reach new audience members for mere cents per person.

But will these people contribute to your organization or cause? Absolutely! They might take a little while to connect with you, but they will contribute, becoming staunch advocates for your cause. I've seen clients receive thousands of dollars in donations from individuals who found them through a digital acquisition campaign.

So, consider a digital acquisition campaign for your organization. It's a powerful investment in the growth and sustainability of your audience - an investment that continues to pay dividends in both the short and the long run.

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