It struck me on my drive back from a great vacation with my family that I was actually looking forward to Monday morning. I mean, I LOVE laying on the beach, eating ice cream and building sand castles with my kids. In fact, I'm becoming obsessed with finding a way to spend a few months a year doing just that. But at the same time I couldn't wait to reconnect with clients and implement new ideas that resulted from a week of relaxation.

In the past, I've had vacations that seem like an escape from life. These were usually followed by a pit in my stomach as I DREADED going back to work. What a difference to have a fulfilling, God-ordained purpose. Since the early days of The A Group, I've always known that only God could orchestrate such a strange and wonderful path to start an endeavor that partners with His ministry around the world.

I told someone yesterday that I have the best job in the world. I get to see first hand the way he is working through ministries and ministers who also love what they are called to do and are so devoted to a specific cause. Just to mention a few:

LIFEHOUSE - I spent this past weekend with my friend Becky Turner of LifeHouse of Houston. Becky and her committed team of board members, staff and volunteers literally pour their lives into providing a safe place for pregnant teen girls who choose (often against the advice of everyone in their lives) to give their babies life.

DAVID RING MINISTRIES - For the past couple years, I've watched David Ring expand his ministry.  In fact, we have the privilege of helping to launch his new ministry to high school students. After 30 years of ministry, he has such a heart to reach the lost and rather than being satisfied by status quo, he continues to pursue new opportunities.

WOMEN OF FAITH - Mary Graham and her team at Women of Faith are another example of those who are passionate about their calling. As I met Mary and Amy Chandy last fall, it was clear that their deep commitment - which includes long hours and an incredible travel schedule - is driven by a true desire to see women led into a deeper walk with Christ.

FWBIM - I have a great respect for Mark McPeak and his team at Free Will Baptist International Missions. With the daunting task of managing hundreds of missionaries around the world, the FWBIM group never settles for second best. Rather than just getting the job done, they're committed to strategic thinking and planning which sets them apart and equips the organization for long-term excellence.

Today, my vacation is over and my tan is rapidly fading, but I have a new appreciation for the opportunity to partner with those who are so committed to a calling. I thank God that we each have a specific part to play, and that I can spend my days pursuing my passion and not just a paycheck.

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