Pete Wilson Joins The A Group, Offers Consulting to Churches, Ministries and Non Profits

The A Group, a full-service marketing and technology agency that helps churches, ministries and non profits overcome challenges and grow their reach, is thrilled to welcome Pete Wilson, the former senior pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, to its team of church and ministry consultants.

Founded by Maurilio Amorim 15 years ago, The A Group, located in Brentwood, Tenn., partners with faith-based and non profit organizations, helping them effectively tell their stories and increase their impact through strategy, consulting, marketing and technology. Wilson, who has served in ministry for more than 20 years, brings real-life experience to churches and faith-based organizations navigating the challenges of ministry in the 21st century.

“We are so excited to have Pete Wilson join our team,” said Amorim, CEO of The A Group. “I have known Pete for a long time and know his heart for ministry, as well as the deep knowledge and wisdom he has acquired during his time leading large, growing organizations. Being able to offer his invaluable experience and counsel to other leaders is an honor.”

On September 11, 2016, Wilson announced his resignation as the pastor of Cross Point, the church that he founded and led for more than 14 years. Since its founding, the church has grown to encompass multiple campuses and serve more than 7,500 weekly attendees throughout the Nashville area as well as online through its internet campus. Wilson cited feeling led into the next chapter of his life as his primary reason for stepping down.

“The decision may have seemed quick to some, but I can attest to the fact that it was not. For some time now I’ve felt this general feeling that I was leading out of season, that God was releasing me from my call at Cross Point and that it was time for something different,” said Wilson. “Before making this decision, I spent time in rest and silence, even taking several weeks off to pray and wrestle with what was next.”

“During that time of silence, God met me with answers. He affirmed certain passions that have always been in my heart, including my entrepreneurial spirit, my love for the local church, my desire to pour into the hearts of other pastors, and my passion for making a difference in the world. I didn’t know what would be next, but I knew it would allow me to live out those passions.”

Wilson and Amorim have known each other for a long time. When Wilson made the decision to resign, he initially turned to Amorim as a friend – and both parties realized there was synergy between what they both were looking to do next.

“I founded The A Group almost 15 years ago, seeing a need to offer churches, ministries and non profits excellent marketing and technology services from people who understood their unique challenges,” said Amorim. “As The A Group grows and continues to serve organizations in the ever-changing world of technology, faith and culture, I realized that it was time for our next chapter as well. We needed fresh perspective and experience that can only come from recent service in ministry.”

Many non profit and faith-based organizations struggle to connect with younger generations and changing cultures, especially with research showing that Millennials are rapidly leaving the church.

“Nearly every client that comes to us is asking the same questions: how do we reach the next generation? How do we grow in an increasingly secular world? How do we adopt new technology and adapt to a new culture without losing our hearts?” said Amorim. “Pete has navigated that world with incredible wisdom and success, creating a growing, thriving church that reaches across generations. He has invaluable experience and encouragement to offer other leaders who are facing those same challenges.”

Wilson will serve as president of The A Group, alongside Diana Marsh, the company’s current executive vice president, who will now assume the role of chief operating officer. Amorim will remain in his position as CEO.

“I am so excited to take everything I learned at Cross Point and partner with hundreds of other pastors and ministry leaders to help them navigate the often unpredictable waters of ministry and reach their full potential,” said Wilson. “This opportunity allows me to find the personal rest and balance I need, while also continuing to serve God and the local church with my gifts and passions.”

“There was a part of me that thought I’d be at Cross Point forever, but God had different plans, and I’m fully embracing those. When you place your life in God’s hands, it’s amazing how often what feels like an ending is actually a beginning. I’m crazy excited about the future.”


About The A Group: The A Group is a full-service marketing and technology agency, helping non profits, ministries and organizations identify and overcome challenges and strategically grow their reach. The A Group’s mission is to be a strategic solutions company, offering clients creative and effective solutions to their branding, marketing and donor development needs. Through innovative tools and technology, The A Group strives to maximize impact from ideation to implementation through ongoing partnerships. Located in Brentwood, Tenn., The A Group serves clients all over the United States and the world. For more information, visit

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