As a communicator, speaker, thought leader and especially as a pastor, it can be tough when the time comes to tackle the hard subjects of life. It is tempting to remain on the positive side. It’s always more enjoyable to talk about the beauty of new marriages, new children and lives being radically changed. We love a happy ending, something that inspires and subjects that feel good.

However, as leaders, we cannot avoid the tough subjects. We have to talk about all areas of life. You simply cannot avoid talking about money, marriage struggles, sexuality, morality and so much more. So how can you effectively communicate and inspire people when it comes to tough subjects?

Here are three tips to help you tackle the tough subjects: 

  1. Share stories from real life. People connect best when you share the real life experience of others. There are plenty of great sources for stories. Of course, you might have some personal stories yourself. The key is to share relatable, practical and inspirational stories.
  2. Inspire people. Most likely you think this means “make people feel good”. But that is not always the best application of inspiration. Inspire people to take action. Share results, reactions and repercussions that inspire people to make changes and become proactive. You can successfully inspire people when you elicit a response for positive action.
  3. Amplify encouragement. Encouragement goes a long way in making sure a message, a subject or concept is accepted. Encourage people with positive re-enforcement that a change in their life is positive. Encourage people to use their lives to inspire others. Encourage people to share their own stories. Use encouragement to build the confidence of the people you lead.

When you share stories, inspire people and encourage others, a message is almost always accepted. You will find it much easier to engage an audience as your implement these ideas. Best of all, you may find it removes any fear, hesitation or anxiety around covering the tough subjects. 

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