Ch-ch-changes. At The A Group, that seemed to be theme of 2014, and we’re thankful that it was. This has been an incredible year of growth for us, both internally and with the clients we serve. We’ve changed the structure of our company to better reach modern audiences, increased our capabilities and ventured into new areas of service, innovated in software development, and streamlined internal processes – all for the purpose of being better able to serve clients making a difference around the world everyday. 

2014 Year In Review Highlights:

  • Restructured and merged our marketing and technology divisions to create a true MarTech firm.  As marketing and technology continue to merge to form one discipline, we made sure our various teams and skill sets are set up to seamlessly work together and deliver the best results.
  • Launched the latest version TAG Tools, our content management system, which includes a fully responsive CMS, beautiful front end and back end design, and expanded features, making it the most fun and easy to use version yet.
  • Increased our capabilities in strategy and donor development. The addition of Holly Rooks Grenvicz as senior strategist deepens our experience in research, branding and marketing planning, while Megan Hawkes came on board to provide donor development analysis and strategy to our large nonprofit client base. We also added Robert Wright as our first director of technology, which has increased the sophistication of our tech division as well. These expanded capabilities help us serve our clients more comprehensively, from first strategic consultation to reaching donors through cutting-edge digital tactics.
  • Implemented full agency software for better task and time management. This allows us to work more efficiently and accurately.
  • Launched our first independent software products via two sister companies, Textify Mobile and SkyEncoder. Textify is a mobile communications platform designed for churches and nonprofits to make it easy to communicate and raise funds via text message. SkyEncoder officially launches publicly in January and is an easy and affordable media encoding solution built for developers, by developers.
  • And most importantly, we had the opportunity of serving hundreds of incredible clients. We launched more than 35 new websites this year, partnered with 13 organizations on their strategic planning for 2014, and served nearly 120 different organizations with branding, marketing, creative, digital and web services. 

Thank you for being a part of this year and for allowing us to serve you. It’s our privilege to come alongside organizations making a difference around the world, and we love the opportunity to continuously become better at what we do so we can help you focus on what matters most: reaching people. Looking forward to 2015 and another great year of growth!

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