At one time, the lines between marketing and technology were clear. The technology team lived in the basement and was only seen for free lunches or the blue screen of death. Marketing folks lived upstairs in the excitement of brainstorming big ideas and reaching new audiences. Today those lines are no longer clear. As marketing and technology collide, forming one discipline, "martec," The A Group strives to create a collaborative culture where both fields work seamlessly together.

One way we do this is by creating positions that bridge the gap between our teams - and create opportunities for employees. We recently promoted two of our employees to newly-created positions that make us better equipped to serve clients across both divisions with integrated strategy.

Chris Ward has been promoted to creative director, overseeing all creative work on both the technology and marketing sides of the business. He has been with TAG since November 2012, serving as art director in the graphic design department. The addition of a creative director allows the agency to ensure the same style and quality is reflected across all visual work, whether done for the web or print.

Steve Citerin, our newly appointed director of client services, will oversee both the technology account management team and the marketing account management team. Citerin joined The A Group in June 2013 as a senior account manager and will now expand his role to oversee all account managers, ensuring that our clients receive excellent service and that projects across both divisions are clearly communicated.

Now more than ever, our team must learn to be "marketing technologists", understanding how strategy drives technology and how technology equips marketing. When the two disciplines - and more importantly, the two teams - come together, the results are unstoppable.

What happens when marketing and technology collide? View the video here.

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